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The BEST Places to Watch the Georgetown HOYAS Dominate BIG EAST Basketball!

For Volvo’s Biggest Fan of the Big East Blog Challenge #6, I will give shout outs to the BEST Places to Watch the Georgetown HOYAS! Now, if I had already won this competition, the number 1 place to watch my Hoyas play some b-ball would be from the backseat of my NEW VolvoS60- complete with HD screens in the head rests and the college basketball package on satellite. Then I would just have to convince my friends to drive so I could watch in the back (chauffeur please?).

Instead of selecting a few good places all around, I have made a simple Top 5 for you to follow when searching for a great place to post-up and watch Georgetown games. Some are personal favorites, and others- popular among other alumni!

1. Rhino Bar and Pumphouse Washington, DC

How could I not fall back on Rhino for number one? If you can’t be IN the Verizon Center to watch a game in DC or are looking for the best place to order some wings and pitchers for an away game, you cannot beat the atmosphere in Rhino. This is the Georgetown watering hole, and one of the best sports bars in Washington! There are flatscreen TV’s all over the place, projectors, pool tables, and masses of Hoyas everywhere! Pitchers are $8 and wings are 25 cents for all NCAA games on Saturdays. In fact if you make it to Rhino when the team has a night off- you may very well find them there relaxing


2. Any other Big East team’s home court… and WINNING! Loserville, USA

I ventured to Philadelphia last spring to catch the Gtown vs. Nova game and got to experience first hand the thrill of upsetting a conference rival on their own turf! As long as fans are respectful- there is not a better feeling in the world.


See the hilites from that game!

3. Sidebar NYC and TriBeCa Tap House New York, NY

Thanks to the Georgetown Club of Metropolitan New York, I have found these places to meet up with my friends from Georgetown and watch the games! Both bars hold game watch events with drink specials, and the crowd is always a blast!

These are great events for both young and older alumni to congregate in support of our team!


4. My mom’s couch. Vero Beach, FL 



I would recommend ear plugs. My mother has turned into the biggest Georgetown fan I know to the point where she cries if we lose, and she cries if we win. I only wish I lacked the decency, and shared with you some of the ridiculous text messages and phone calls I get during games. She will make your head spin. We have a pretty big couch- so come on down!


I think the key to success is getting other fans  to band together with you! Viewing is always more fun when you are surrounded by your peers, and let’s be honest- now that I am graduated, I appreciate anything that mimics behavior in the student section at Verizon Center! Find any hole in the wall bar/restaurant with some big TV’s, the Big East Network, and cold beers. Add fellow Hoyas, and no matter the outcome of the game, you have an epic day/night of fun ahead of you.

beep beep… be on the road in my Volvo soon! Check out my profile, and don’t forget to vote :)

Challenge #5 VOLVO Biggest Fan of the BIG EAST… The Traditions of Georgetown: Awesome, circa 1789

When it comes to tradition, not a single school in the Big East has more than GEORGETOWN.

It is the oldest Catholic school in the United States, and the oldest university in the Big East! The school is synonymous with history and tradition and reflects American convention at its best! the school offers the rich traditions and guidance of the Jesuit community, but also time-honored treasures from 223 years of alumni! Hoyas have the opportunity to explore all different religions and cultures, as well as embracing our nation’s history in the capital city. Even our school colors have a story behind them….

The Dear old BLUE and GREY

The Civil War had a profound affect on the students and administration of Georgetown. After the war, the school adopted the traditional blue and grey as the official colors we know today. The school’s motto in latin Utraque Unum or “both in one” inspired school officials to adopt the blue from the uniform of Union soldiers and the grey from the uniform of Confederate soldiers. This decision promoted unity throughout the country. Our uniforms still bear these mighty colors today!


Few schools are lucky enough to have a live mascot on campus, and Georgetown is one of them! Meet Jack the Bulldog- who lived on the 4th floor of my dorm freshman year with one of the Jesuits in Residence :)

Students are able to apply for a spirit program to walk Jack during the week, and escort him to make appearances at school events including… every home basketball game! His fixation with cardboard and plastic water bottles has spawned one of my favorite traditions! Although Jacks come and go throughout the years like students, our Jack will always be remembered in my heart for EAT THAT BOX!

Another fan favorite tradition is to worship JTIII in any appropriate way shape or form! This has evolved into several chants at games holding the #3 up on your fingers… and a lot of really cool t-shirts


Ah the music stylings of the Georgetown Hoyas! As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, every true Hoya knows how important Bruce Channel’s legendary “Hey! Baby” (as made famous by Dirty Dancing). You will know you are in Hoya territory when this song erupts at random on the streets and in the bars!

Did you know Georgetown even has its own rap song for the basketball players entrance onto the court?



But nothing beats the tried and true original Georgetown fight song.

Check out the lyrics:

It’s been so long since last we met,
Lie down forever, lie down;
Or have you any money to bet,
Lie down forever, lie down.

There goes old… Georgetown
Straight for a… touchdown 
See how they… gain ground
Lie down forever, lie down, 
Lie down forever, lie down.”

Rah! Rah! Rah! 
Hurrah for Georgetown
Cheer for victory today
‘Ere the sun has sunk to rest, 
In the cradle of the west
In the clouds will proudly float 
The Blue and Gray.”

We’ve heard those loyal fellows up at Yale
Brag and boast about their Boola-Boola
We’ve heard the Navy yell
We’ve listened to Cornell
We’ve heard the sons of Harvard tell 
How Crimson lines could hold them
Choo Choo, Rah Rah, dear old Holy Cross 
The proud old Princeton tiger 
Is never at a loss
But the yell of all the yells,
The yell that wins the day
Is the ‘HOYA, HOYA SAXA!’ 
Of the dear old Blue and Gray.


Hey speaking of which… What is a “Hoya”?


Many people ask this question, but the answer lies in the building blocks of the university… really. As the story goes, John Carroll and The Jesuits that first built Georgetown after the American Revolution were working on the cornerstones of the university building. On one of the large stones, one of them had written “hoya saxa”, which is Latin literally translates to “what rock”. Although this version of the origin may be slightly embellished, it is the popular truth on campus, and we must simply all admit that a Hoya is really a “what”, but the HOYA SAXA cheer has become WHAT ROCKS (we do, duh).



One of my favorite traditions at Georgetown, has become an urban myth of sorts… although I have met a few parental alumni who claim they had something to do with the last incident! Once upon a time it was tradition for overzealous and possible inebriated Georgetown seniors, to scaled the Healy Hall clock tower- and steals the hands off the face of the clock! A couple of weeks later the missing hands would show up in Rome, in a package addressed to the Pope! Maybe no one in my time at Georgetown is quite that brave (or foolish) to get up to the tower, but I am hoping that one day the this tradition is resurrected! Read the article about the last culprits in 2005.

THE EXORCIST … Oh and a few other things

Wish a legendary movie had been filmed at your alma mater? Well, the original Exorcist film was shot at Georgetown. Today you can see students working out or shotgunning beers on the famed Exorcist steps that lead down from Prospect St to M Street next the Car Barn.

Pretty Spooky huh?

Rumor has it, that other places on Georgetown’s campus have REAL supernatural power. Campus legend has it that one of highest rooms in Healy Hall was blocked off and sealed  in the 1960’s because an actual exorcism took place in it! Think its true? There are two cemeteries on campus… Either way I would never want to be a Syracuse fan walking alone through the grounds at night! Every Halloween the school provides a huge screening of the Exorcist on Copley Lawn.

But The Exorcist is not the only form of film to feature Georgetown…

  • First of all, “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper is a graduate!
  • Silver-screen Shout-outs: Criminal Minds, The Sopranos, 24, The West Wing
  • “Memento” – written by Christopher Nolan’s (The Dark Knight) equally genius brother Jonathan, an alum
  • Featured in: Save the Last Dance, The Girl Next Door, Above the Rim, College Road Trip
  • “St. Elmo’s Fire” – based on the legendary Georgetown pub THE TOMBS and includes the “Brat Pack”

Class of 2011!

Before I left Georgetown, I made sure to establish a couple traditions of my own amongst my friends. Aside from Homecoming, visiting the monuments, and GEORGETOWN DAY- which I have written about previously, Gtown offered me many opportunities to forge my own traditions.

Since I can’t give away ALL of our secrets, but here are a couple of my favorites!


Perhaps the most fun I had all of college… there is a tradition amongst our friend passed down from an older sibling that once before graduation, you must take a day senior year to try and frequent every bar within a square mile of Georgetown! It is the ultimate Hoya pub crawl! My friends and I decided to give it a try for the last girl to turn 21 and wow- definitely a tradition worth testing!


Run for Rigby is an organization run by Georgetown students to raise fire safety awareness in response to the tragic passing of a beloved Georgetown Student in 2004. Each year students organize a 5K run and charity ball to honor Daniel Rigby. It is a beautiful way to remember a life lost too early, and raise money through a student run organization to promote awareness on the Georgetown campus. Many of my friends and I worked to help Friends of Rigby all four years at school!

Please visit for more information


One of the only steeplechase races you can go to- and never see a horse! Just outside of the University of Virginia’s campus, the Foxfields Race Course hosts a magical day of springtime delight that is a must for Georgetown students! My friends and I always arranged a charter bus and spent the whole day under a tent in the infield enjoying champagne and sun hats. This is an annual tradition not to be missed.


And finally, breakfast at BOOEYMONGER before riding the Metro to any basketball game!

I think their pancakes are lucky?




That is all for my Hoya Traditions, although I know everyone has their own- I hope you have enjoyed mine! Don’t forget to VOTE FOR ME, and stay tuned to see me roadtrip to DC in the new Volvo S60!

Biggest Fan of the BIG EAST! Presenting the HOYAmobile Volvo S60

Compliments of the Volvo US website, I am able to build and design my own new Volvo S60! Our 4th post is tricking out our dream ride with school pride- which makes mine Hoya’d to the max. The dear old blue and grey have certainly left me inspired. Check out my new wheels!

Let’s start out with the S60 R-Design (the best!).

Of course this car has to be Georgetown Hoyas colors. The Seville grey metallic would be my standard finish of choice… however… if this is the ULTIMATE Georgetown Volvo S60 then I would have to opt for a custom paint job! I would get a midnight navy blue with a bit of sparkle (which was also the color of the union soldiers‘ uniforms, whom Lincoln address on campus during the civil war). The interior would be a deep rock grey with perforated leather upholstery. I love the metal accents on the 2012 Volvo because it matches perfectly with the Georgetown colors! I would however replace the standard 18 inch Ixion alloy wheels with some really really matte black 20 inch RIMS. People do not mess with matte black rims… just like teams should know better than to mess with the Hoyas!



I am going to add all three packages to make my Volvo UNSTOPPABLE in any sort of weather because everyone knows anything can happen during the months of the Big East basketball season!

The climate package includes heated seats which I must have to toast my buns after a long tailgate for basketball or before I face the frigid Syracuse winter before the Hoyas take them on in the Carrier Dome this season.

The Hoyamobile must also include as much technology and entertainment as possible. Not only will it make it the coolest car around, but I happen to think that the versatility of this car will reflect Georgetown’s motto of “cura personalis” which in Latin, refers to the education of the “whole person”. My Volvo will have the ability to comfort, protect, and ease transportation of all people! I can listen to my favorite music and navigate back to DC with the GPS system included in the multimedia package and jam out to this GEORGETOWN TUNE on the stellar Dolby sound system!

Rear seat entertainment to play pump up highlights videos of teams past would be necessary, as well as rear and front assist parking! I am an EXCELLENT parallel parker but I couldn’t be quite as talented without the help of the beep beep warning! Definitely not as good of a driver as this guy in his VOLVO!

Slapped right on the read window in the center would be one of these bad boys. Cursive is as classy as the S60 but the “G” gives it some edge.

There would also be an epic doggy bed in the back seat… just in case JACK ever decided to take a ride with me :)

Check out my finished product on the Volvo US website HERE!

Don’t forget to follow my road trip to Georgetown from NYC on February 25th in a Volvo S60- I can’t wait to get one on the road! Or check out my ULTIMATE BIG EAST Road Trip. Go Hoyas!

Biggest Fan of the Big East Post #3…East Coast Kinda Gal- Roadtripping in my new Volvo!

the ultimate BIG EAST road trip

3,157 miles of Big East glory

“Our battered suitcases were were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

As the holidays are upon us, I find myself wishing for one thing in particular this year- a new Volvo S60! But if me singing Santa Baby and replacing the “’64 convertible too, light blue” line doesn’t work then I am hoping this blog will help me out in the long run. For the 3rd blog post of the Biggest Fan of the Big East Contest, we have been asked to take notes from each other’s previous post and plan the ultimate 3 city Big East college road trip!

Being born and raised in New England and then transplanted to Florida, the east coast is all fond and familiar territory (excluding New Jersey, sorry)… and being that the conference is in fact called The Big EAST… I cannot deny that I am tempted to make this a straight north and south tour of the best coast. However, I have planned for a few potential detours for our Midwestern members! Led by my taste for food and adventure,  this trip is uniquely Stephanie. Hoping that I fair better than Tom Green in the film”Roadtrip”… let’s hit the pavement!

My Roadtrip Essentials

  • comfy t-shirts
  • Allman Brothers box set
  • Gallons of unsweetened iced tea!
  • BIG sunglasses
  • mouthwash
  • good friends
  • Trader Joe’s turkey jerky
  • TomTom GPS
  • a black on black all new Volvo S60 (with a Georgetown bumper sticker of course)

Starting Point… New York, NY St. John’s University

It is my current address, so… I would kick off my trip from the Big Apple- home to St. John’s University. The red storm are lucky enough to play their basketball games (and the Big East Tournament) at Madison Square Garden- one of the most famed arenas in sports. Before we get started I would suggested filling your stomach with a quintessential NYC breakfast, after all it is better to travel on a full stomach! What’s better than lox and a bagel? This is my absolute favorite food and there are so many great spots in the city to try. My personal favorite is Ess-a-Bagel on 51st and 3rd.

Obviously the road trip could only be by taxi and stay in Manhattan for a year before I ran out of things to see, taste, and do… but after breakfast I would hit the highway and cruise east to my next stop, which is also the place of my birth!

PROVIDENCE, RI – HOME OF PROVIDENCE COLLEGE… and more importantly Dell’s Lemonade and dough boy’s!

The smallest state and my home away from home is 199 miles and 4 hours of 1-95 North from Manhattan and definitely worth the trip! Any PC student will tell you it is a unique city that revolves heavily around the arts and delicious food. After 4 hours of driving, I would be hungry and am parking my Volvo S60 right on Atwells Avenue in Federal Hill, which is the city’s take on Little Italy. Here you can find the best Italian grinder (yup GRINDER, not sub) of your life! All authentic Italian good imported and sold in family run markets. I also love the Italian cookies and bread from Tony’s Colonial take a look at THE MENU


My big sister is in grad school for her MFA in directing at Brown University, also in Providence. Between Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design, this little city has 4 universities including Johnson and Wales! I love going to the Providence art club to have a meal and admire the work for sale there. The city is filled with beauty in its details! You could also catch a Big East conference game at THE DUNK… perhaps my favorite Big East venue because it is named for my all time favorite coffee!

 I am a New Englander at heart and I could not have a road trip without a stop in my birthplace of Providence. In fact, it means so much to me that now we are going to back track south down I-95 and stop for the night in my other favorite city in the Northeast!

***To make up for my comment about New Jersey earlier in the post and appease my competitors from Seton Hall and Rutgers… I would stop there for gas, because in New Jersey station attendants pump it for you by law :)




Obviously anyone who knows me I am shameless and would never skip mentioning Georgetown on my ultimate Big East roadtrip! For all the great things to do in DC, read my Challenge #2 post HERE

My lungs filled with fresh Hoya Hilltop air and a breakfast at Bus Boys and Poets in my tummy… I am back on the road


This is the part of my road trip where the Allman Brothers boxed set comes in! In anticipation of SMU joining the Big East for basketball in the next 2 years…

everything is BIGGER in TEXAS – Dallas, TX Southern Methodist University

A grueling 21 hour drive from Washing across 6-7 states is a great way to see the USA! I’m taking the time to drive here because Dallas-Fort Worth is one of my favorite cities in the country. Although it is very spread out, you can see the best of what Texas has to offer in the metro area. As a competitor in the American Quarter Horse Association, I am no stranger to this place, and have stayed here for weeks at a time for several horse shows in the past. You can eat the best steaks outside Oklahoma or Nebraska and wash them down with the best Margaritas north of the border! Visit the Fort Worth stockyards to see bull-riding and rodeo shows in the historic little western town that also offers a boot shaking nightlife.

(Even this picture of Texas is BIGGER!)

Visiting Billy Bob’s to listen to country music is a must but make sure you practice your LINE DANCING before the roadtrip! Dallas also offers amazing shopping at the Galleria and some of he best high school football in the country. There is certainly a lot of beautiful scenery and history to absorb as well. Texas was once a sovereign nation before it became a US state! Get ready to saddle up once again, the next stop is the final stop!

Coming Home … well close enough

The SUNSHINE state – Tampa, FL University of South FLORIDA

Considering it takes 16 hours to drive from tip to top of Florida, making it to Tampa in 18.5 hours is not all that bad! The drive will give you a tour of the real south and fill up on as many biscuits and hospitably delicious cups of sweet tea as possible. Tampa is 3 hours dead across the state from my hometown. The city has a beautiful bay which is part of Florida’s west coast access to the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is renowned for its colorful nightlife and cityscape!

While you are here go to Ybor City and get crazy with your friends. In the day time make sure to visit Busch Gardens ad the Florida Aquarium. Hungry? Catch a Tampa Bay Rays or Buccaneers game in season. Their football stadium has a pirate sip built into the stands! Watch for these Tampa restaurants featured on MAN VS. FOOD NATION

3 hours across Route 60 and I am headed home… and I am keeping the Volvo! Floridian sunset in the mirror I can only wonder why you wouldn’t end your trip here

Thank you for reading! Make sure you follow my posts for Biggest Fan of the Big East to keep up with my actual road trip back to Georgetown for the Villanova game on 2/25/12!

So excited to really cruise in the new Volvo S60. Vote for me!

A Perfect Trip to GEORGETOWN, USA – Biggest Fan of the Big East Post #2!

Welcome to my second blog post as part of the Biggest Fan of the Big East Contest, sponsored by the new Volvo S60! For this post, we have been asked to list five or more things you have to do/see when visiting our alma mater. Georgetown of course is located in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC- and although it has many qualities of an urban school, it is the cornerstone of a historic community within the city. I have divided the “must’s” into four categories: sightseeing, bars and nightlife, restaurants, and on-campus. I have a few crucial suggestions for each as well as “honorable mentions” for a few other options. As I just graduated in May, and am the youngest contestant in Biggest Fan of the Big East, many of my suggestions are geared toward the young adult visitor, although the food and sights can be enjoyed by all. Many of these photos are actually my own! Please enjoy the suggestions below and make sure you visit Georgetown!

First up, the sights…

DC offers visitors a bounty of visually pleasing and historic venues all across the city. That being said, there are a million things to do and see in Washington, but these are my picks for sights.

The National Mall


How could I skip this?! This includes the Washington monument, reflecting pool, Lincoln Memorial, World War II memorial, FDR memorial Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, Korean War Veteran’s Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. On a sunny day, I am confident in stating that there is not a more beautiful place in this country to be than the National Mall.

While all of the monuments have their own special place in our nation’s history as well as the personal connections they establish between visitors, my personal favorite is the World War II Memorial. Although the water elements make the architecture of the memorial, it is particularly moving for me because of the layout and the inscriptions on each side. You can also have your picture taken with your home state to show your pride- below is mine from my freshman year at Georgetown in the spring of 2008.

The monuments are a must see for any group visiting DC, and they are just a short walk (or a great route to run) for all students at Georgetown. Visit the National Park Service for more information.

While visiting the Mall, I also strongly suggest lunch and a tour of the Smithsonian and the Museum of American History. The National Museum of American History was closed for renovation the first two years I was at Georgetown, but it was worth the wait to see! My favorite thing to see at the museum are the original ruby slippers worn by “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz film.

See other curious items in the online catalogue: The National Museum of American History

 If you are more interested in art, then I can not recommend anywhere but the Portrait Gallery, inside The National Gallery of Art– which is also home to one of my favorite activities (included below)… ice skating in the sculpture garden! The National Gallery has a varied and extensive collection from Italian renaissance to modern sculpture, and is endowed by Congress. It is indefinitely one of the top ten fine art exhibitions in the world. Hot cocoa and skating on a chilly day is the best thing to do around the holidays!

While Visiting DC & Georgetown you Must…

  • Eat a cherry snow cone at the Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring
  • Ice skate in the National Gallery sculpture garden
  • Catch a Wizards, Mystics, or Capitals game at the Verizon Center in ChinaTown (Hoya’s play here too)
  • Buy something at the Spy Museum gift shop
  • Have the french fries at Blue Duck Tavern
  • Run up and down the Exorcist Stairs at least once (the film was shot in Georgetown and the infamous stairs really exist!)
  • Sample the produce at the Eastern Market
  • Rent a kayak and paddle into the Potomac River
  • Take funny photos outside the White House
  • See a play at Folger Shakespeare Library (or on campus at the Davis Center)


Where do I begin…? DC is one of the most fun cities to go out in. Georgetown has it’s own amazing collection of bars that people come from all over the city for. My personal top 3 are as follows…

  1. TONY AND JOE’s on the Waterfront

This is probably the best place to day drink in the entire city! The Waterfront stretches along the bank of the Potomac river, winding from K street all the way down to the back of the Kennedy Center. On a warm sunny day, Tony and Joe’s is serving up their infamous “007” and helping studious Georgetown kids rewind and relax. This is the place for Sunday Funday. Fall and spring afternoons spent here are very fond memories of mine. Visit on a hot day and you may even see some one try to swim in the fountain!
007 Recipe
  • 2 oz. orange flavored vodka
  • Fill with, 3/4 7-up or Sprite
  • Fill with orange juice
  • * I prefer it with a splash of cranberry juice
The Tombs is synonymous with Georgetown, plain and simple. This legendary bar is owned by the same restaurant group that owns the DC staple, Clyde’s and political hotspot, 1789. The bar is all brick, and themed for the Georgetown crew team. It is a classic collegiate bar scene with an unbeatable atmosphere and drink menu. “Study Snacks” are also the perfect morsels to wash down your pitcher of beer with, before and after traditional dinner hours. Bartenders and wait staff are almost all students or alumni, and events like trivia (my favorite), Chimes night, and 80’s night are all integral to the Georgetown experience. Although I didn’t make it there, this is the place to be on your 21st birthday… complete with a stamp on your forehead!
Rhino is the quintessential college watering hole. Although it also functions as a popular sports bar, it is guaranteed to be swimming with thirsty co-eds every weekend (and weekdays too)! Great music, a rowdy dance floor, and stiff drinks make this the fond location of many of my favorite nights at Georgetown- I even made my parents come with all my friends for my 21st birthday! They still have not forgiven me. If you can’t be at a Hoyas game this is the next best place!
They even let students guest bartend on Tuesday nights!
My all time favorite bar in Georgetown sadly closed this fall after an unfortunate fire… R.I.P. Saloun and your amazing live jazz!
If you have extra time or are in the mood to bar-hop you have to check out the bars in DuPont Circle! If you want to get  even further out of the Georgetown “bubble”, try The Angry Inch in Adams Morgan. If clubbing is more what you are looking for than check out the uber-chic Josephine’s to spot some socialites and celebrities. For another great sports bar, visit Redline DC in Chinatown, or Rocket Bar- both across from the Verizon Center.
Now for my favorite part…

GOOD EATS! The Best Places to Dine


The best brunch in town! A legend in the neighborhood, Billy Martin’s Tavern is where JFK proposed to Jackie O! It is filled with fun facts about political figures that used to frequent the restaurant, and now have their favorite booths named after them. Billy Martin was in fact, a Georgetown alum! There is also a lovely patio to sit out on during the fall and spring. Every meal is a good meal at Martin’s, and it is delicious comfort food any season. They are renowned for having amazing Christmas decorations as well… hands down my home away from home for food in college.

My Favorites

For dinner: Shepard’s Pie and a Guinness draught … For brunch: Pumpkin Pancakes and a Bloody Mary


Certainly the priciest place on my list- but you can’t beat the food! This Italian gem is a great place to go for Parent’s weekend, and a fun venue to people watch. Frequented by celebrities and politicians, Cafe Milano is an upbeat and DELICIOUS place to dine. The bar crowd is older but can get very rowdy on the weekends.

My Favorites

Carpaccio Di Manzo Con Rucola E Scaglie Di Parmigiano and Cappellini Ann Hand with Fresh Tomatoes


This new wave Mexican spot is actually in Glover Park about 10-15 minutes walking from campus. Modeled after Nantucket Island, it is part of a restaurant group that also includes Georgetownians’ favorite sandwich shop, Jetties. Surfside has a rooftop deck perfect for a pitcher of margaritas and endless chips and salsa. The food is fun, fresh, and very tasty! Burritos and salads with grilled ingredients make this a healthy take out restaurant as well. Definitely good for lunch or a quick dinner.


My Favorites

Make your own fish taco with Mahi Mahi and fresh guacamole





Other places to try: On campus sub spot Wisemiller’s Deli, fancy steaks B.L.T., quick grub Ben’s Chili Bowl, sustainable delight Founding Farmers, DC staple Clyde’s, and little French Cafe la Ruche


On Campus @ Georgetown

Check out this picture tour to our fight song HERE !

  • Rigg’s Library – This elegant library is one of the hidden treasures of the school. It only opens a few times every year so make sure you get a chance to see it!
  • Healy Lawn – Under what is fondly referred to as the “Hogwart’s Building”, Healy Lawn is the place to be on a warm day. Students play games, drink, and sunbathe on the lawn in front of Healy Hall. It is similar to Georgetown’s version of “quad” on other college campuses. It is the sight for many school events including a farmer’s market, graduation, and Georgetown Day which includes a beer garden and carnival like celebrations for students on the last day of class each year.
  • Village A Rooftops – the most spectacular view of the Key Bridge and metro Virginia! The roof decks of these student apartments are much sought after, and rightfully so just for the view. There are usually students lounging or grilling, and you can even see the Washington Monument down the banks of the Potomac on a clear day.
  • Red Square – framed by the solar panels on the roof of the Intercultural Center or “ICC”, Red Square is where students gather to raise awareness, protest, demonstrate, and dance. There is always something going on there! When weather permits, GUGS or Georgetown University Grilling Society is there every Friday serving up their colossal meat-eors to students.
  • Dahlgren Chapel – rumor has it there is a 2 year waiting list to marry on campus!
  • McDonough Gymnasium – catch a game, and admire all of the Hoyas Big East Championships :)

Hope you have enjoyed my mini tour of Georgetown! See it here, larger than life in last year’s basketball promo!


And don’t forget to VOTE FOR ME!





Welcome to my blog, which for the next few months will focus around Georgetown and Big East Basketball! Thanks to Volvo, a sponsor of the Big East, I have the opportunity to win $10,000 for Georgetown’s scholarship fund and new Volvo S60. The competition has already begun, and I am kicking it off with my first post.

For the first post in Volvo’s Biggest Fan of the Big East Contest, we have been asked to create our all-time Big East dream team. We were allowed to select 12 players- past, present, and future, to be on our squad. I think I have some adventurous picks, and with a history like Georgetown’s, I had lots of players to choose from my alma mater. Take a look!


Point Guard – Allen Iverson (Georgetown)

  • Many contend that “AI” has been overrated by fans through out the years, I however think that he is a dynamic player and a super talented athlete… that like many others of his kind, include a large personality in the package. His two years at Georgetown however, are undeniably remarkable according to statistics, scoring 1,539 total points in 2 YEARS! He also has two defensive player of the year awards from 1995 and 1996. As the first overall pick in the draft, and a league record holder, Iverson is one of the phenomenal NBA players that have emerged from Georgetown. To his critics, I ask only to imagine what he could have accomplished in another two years in the Big East.

Shooting Guard – Ray Allen (UConn)

  • Ray is a must-pick for me because I am a diehard Celtics fan! He is a leader and has always maintained a clean and respectable reputation off the court. With these skills, as well as his precision three-point shooting (20th all time in the NCAA), Allen is a must to sharpen this dream team from the arc. 1996 Big East Championship: Ray ALLEN vs. ALLEN Iverson

Small Forward – Dwayne Wade (Marquette)

  • Wade is perhaps the “late bloomer” selection of this team. Missing his first year due to NCAA violation, Wade only played for two years. Like Iverson, I ask critics of his collegiate successes to imagine what another year of mentoring would have allowed him to achieve. Wade is a playmaker, and indefinitely the guy you want to give the ball to when there is 4 minutes left in the game. His performance against Kentucky in the 2003 NCAA Tournament is legendary posting a triple-double, and showering himself and the Golden Eagles with media attention that I would argue, only helped the university improve its basketball program. Wade is a stellar NBA player, and I would be honored to have him on my dream team!

Power Forward – Derrick Coleman (Syracuse)

  • At 6 feet 10 inches, Coleman has never ceased to impress me with his speed. Although I have never been wild about his demeanor, Coleman makes the squad for being agile and making rebounds. He was also a decent performer for outside shooting, and provides some consistency for my team’s free throw shooting as well.

Center – Patrick Ewing (Georgetown)

  • Need I explain this choice…? Watch his highlights here!
  • List of accolades: Rookie of the Year (1982), Defensive Player of The Year (1982), Defensive Player of the Year (1983), Defensive Player of the Year (1984), Defensive Player of the Year (1985), Co-Player of the Year (1984), Co-Player of the Year (1985), First Team Consensus All-American (1983), First Team Consensus All-American (1984), First Team Consensus All-American (1985), National AP Player of the Year (1985), Naismith Award- National Player of the Year (1985), NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player (1984)




Point Guard – Richard “Rip” Hamilton (UConn)

  • Hamilton boasts many awards, and is known for being an outstanding post-season player: Player of the Year (1998), Co-Player of the Year (1999), Second Team Consensus All-American (1998), First Team Consensus All-American (1999), NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player (1999). Hamilton is appealing to me because of his ability under pressure and his leadership. In other words, Rip just scores points. In 3 years he scored 2,036 points with an impressive showing for rebounds as well. Definitely a solid leader for the second point guard. His Famous Buzzer Beater


Shooting Guard – Chris Mullin (St. John’s)

  • Similar to Patrick Ewing, I feel like I don’t even need to explain Mullin’s spot on my team! Like Ewing, his superstar image is responsible for the rise of the Big East conference over the years, as well as the establishment of many of its rivalries. Mullin boasts conference point totals of 1,290 and 2,440 total points overall. A positive attitude, and a plethora of wards make Mullin a go to man.

Small Forward – Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse)

  • In my opnion, “Melo” is just a winner. He wins games for his team now, just like he did at Syracuse. Anthony holds the NCAA record for most points ever scored by a freshman in the 2003 NCAA tournament, which he helped the Orange win. His one year tenure however, is detrimental to his ranking on my dream team. WATCH VIDEO OF THE GAME!


Power Forward – Alonzo Mourning (Georgetown)

  • Multiple defensive player of the year awards, as well as Big East records for blocks and free throw attempts. Mourning followed Ewing as one of the Georgetown greats, and is a force to be reckoned with offensively as well.

Center – Dikembe Mutombo (Georgetown)

  • This was a tough choice between classic Mutombo and a young gun like Greg Monroe or Roy Hibbert. I am sticking with Mutombo because of this resilience and for embodying the legend of the Georgetown “big men”. His placement on the second team with Mourning recreates what many called “Rejection Row”, essentially the unmatched shot blocking power of this duo. Mutombo won NBA Defensive Player of the Year 4 times throughout his career, and also does a lot for charitable causes. Like Okafor- he appeals to me as a team member and a person.



Center – Emeka Okafor (UConn)

  • This was another tough decision against fellow Husky Kemba Walker- in the end I would be happy to have either of them on my team but I think Emeka Okafore is a legendary locker room guy that can really boost the spirit of his team. He is a leader on and off the court, and a model student athlete.


Small Forward/Power Forward – Jeff Green (Georgetown)

  • I think many people would look over Jeff Green as one of the best players in Big East history. Although he did a lot for Georgetown in 2007 when the Hoyas made it to the Final Four, to a non-Hoya he may not be as appealing. I however respect Jeff Green immensely for his ability to diversify and make plays. He could play either SF or PF well, and like Ray Allen, felt I had to pick him because I am really looking forward to seeing what he can do for the Boston Celtics (…next season?).

FINAL TALLY: Georgetown – 5, UConn – 3, Syracuse – 2, Marquette – 1, St. John’s – 1

Kept it less than half Hoya, but I think my team is pretty stacked. Personality and behavior mean a lot to me. I think the success of a team is contingent on the attitude and drive to succeed, and one person acting out or causing a scandal can cost them everything. Some of my choices may seem biased, and I am certainly missing representation from a number of schools in the conference- but I am confident my dream team would be nothing less than unstoppable. If only I knew which of these players drove Volvos!

One of my favorite things about Georgetown, and the Big East is the history that comes with it… the BIGGEST rivals in college basketball are now the BIGGEST FANS of the BIG EAST. It’s going to be quite a season! #VolvoBigEastFan